Housing Allocation Policy System Upgrade

How will the Housing Allocation Policy System Upgrade affect me?

New Applicants

If you are a new applicant wishing to join the housing register, you will experience a delay in your application being processed by the Council. You will need to re-apply on the upgraded system even if you have already applied on the existing system. If you apply on the existing system, you will receive an invitation to renew your application once the upgrade has taken place.

Existing Applicants

If you are an existing applicant with an active application, you will be invited to renew your circumstances once the new housing register form is live on Homechoice. The Council will then assess your new application in line with the current housing allocations policy. You will not be able to place bids until you have fully completed your renewal and it has been assessed.


When will the new form be available on Homechoice?

The council is preparing for the new form to be available during September 2022. The Council will contact you as soon as it is available for you to complete.


How long will it take to update the housing register?

The Council anticipates this will take from the present time to November 2022. The Council will be updating the Bexley Homechoice Website regularly so please check for announcements and latest news updates.


Will I be able to bid during the renewal period?

Bidding will remain open during the renewal period.


Properties will become available fortnightly whilst the renewal process is taking place.


You will be able to bid once you have submitted your renewal and it has been assessed by the Council and made active.


How will I know when I can submit my renewal?

The Council will write to all applicants once the new form is ready in Homechoice asking them to renew.


Please ensure your correspondence address, email address and contact number are up to date on your application by logging in via your Homechoice login.


Will my prior application date still be valid?

Active cases will need to renew their application within 28 days of their invitation to renew to have their original application date continued onto the updated register.


If any applications are not renewed within the 28 days it will be assumed that they have met their own housing need and the application will be closed.


The Council will only use contact details that we have on file and if there are any updated contact details then you should advise the Council of these immediately. Failure to do so will result in the Council assuming you no longer require any assistance from the Council.


The Council reserves the right in its absolute discretion to allow applications to be reinstated if they are closed due to lack of response. This will only be where in the Council’s opinion there is a good reason for the lack of response.


Renewed applications made within 28 days and supported by all relevant documents which are awaiting a decision will retain their original priority date. Applications made after 8 July 2022 will have their application date applied.


Will I still be eligible to join the housing register after the Policy upgrade?

The Council will re-assess your application based on the criteria as set out in the Council’s allocations policy. You can access this policy using the link below at:-




Will I have to resubmit all my documents?

If you have an active Homechoice application and have already uploaded or submitted documents, and/or supporting information, these will remain on your Bexley Home Choice account for future submissions, and you will not need to supply these again. However, if during the renewal process, we determine that documents are no longer valid or are out of date you will be asked to provide further documentation.


What if I become homeless during this period?

The Housing Options Service will remain available during the renewal process. Should you require urgent housing advice or assistance during this time as usual you should contact the Housing Team on housingoptionsservice@bexley.gov.uk or 0203 045 3400 and they will be available to assist you.


What happens if I am no longer eligible to remain on the register?

You will be notified in writing if your application is unsuccessful. Full reasons for the decision will be provided to you. The letter will also provide you with an option to request a review of the decision if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.


What happens if I am moved to a different priority banding?

You will be notified of the decision and reasoning in writing if your banding on the housing register changes. The letter will provide you with an option to request a review of the decision if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.


Will the Council only make an offer of social housing during this period?

The Council will continue to make offers of accommodation of both social housing and private sector housing in accordance with the Council’s allocation policy and relevant legislation. The Council will also continue to assist those at risk of homelessness with Personal Housing Plans to support them find their own housing solutions which may include assistance with deposits


What if a situation arises and I require an urgent move?

You should contact the Housing Allocations Team using the link below and they will assist you.


If you have a question that has not been covered in the above please email the Allocations Team: bas@bexley.gov.uk