Documents you may need to provide

Documents you may need to send to us in support of your housing application

When you apply for housing you will need to have to hand several documents that you may need to upload.  Further details of the documents are given below.  Please can you make sure you upload all the documents we need to consider your application. Without these we will not be able to make an assessment or let you know whether you qualify to be on our housing register. 

If you have electronic copies, then you can upload the documents - submitting them electronically is fast and easy.  If not you can bring copies to our office or post copies to:

Bexley Allocations Service

Civic Offices

2 Watling Street





Please don’t send original documents in the post and make sure you mark all documents with your full name, address and log in reference number so we can match them to your application.

All applicants need to provide their National Insurance number to begin the online registration process.  You can find your National Insurance number on your payslip, P60, or letters about tax, pensions and benefits.  To find a lost National Insurance number please click

The documents you need to send depend on what you tell us about you and your household.  We have detailed below what these are likely to be:


Proof of identity for both the primary and joint applicant

This must show us your status to reside in the UK


For British Citizens

UK passport or

Birth Certificate

If you are unsure whether you’re a British Citizen you can check by clicking


For non British Citizens

Photo proof of immigration status, biometric residence permit, residence card, travel documents from home office


For EEA nationals workers

Photo proof of immigration status

Contract of employment

Two most recent payslips


For other EEA nationals (eg family members of EEA nationals)

Photo proof of immigration status


Proof of address for both the primary and joint applicant

We will need at least two documents for each of you.  They need to show you have been living at the address for the relevant period of time. Some examples are given below:


Bank statement

Benefits letter


Child benefit letter

Council tax letter

Credit agreement

Credit card statement


Driving licence


Employment document eg payslip, P60

GP surgery registration showing your address


Hospital appointment card or letter


Letters addressed and dated from independent bodies eg solicitors, Inland Revenue, hospital or GP


Medical card

Mobile phone bill


Tax credit letter

Tax office document eg notice of tax code

Telephone or utility bill

Tenancy agreement


Vehicle insurance document

Vehicle registration document


Where children are included as part of the household

Children’s full Birth Certificates

Child benefit or tax credit letter naming the children

Proof of address for any child that you are no longer in receipt of benefit for.  See proof of address list above.


Other Supporting Documents you may need to send in

Proof of Residence in the borough for the past 5 years

You will need to provide this if it is needed to confirm you are eligible to be on our housing register

Proof for each address is needed

See Proof of address list above


Medical Information

This is only needed if you want us to consider your application on medical grounds

Proof of medical condition is helpful eg doctor’s letter


Armed Forces applicants

Relevant proof such as discharge letter


Proof of Community Contribution



Contract of employment and

Two recent payslips



Proof of business


Full-time education

College/university letter

Proof of enrolment


Voluntary work

Employer letter


Full time carer to an elderly person or disabled child

Carers allowance letter or, if not payable

Evidence of caring role


Employment and Support Allowance

Proof of receipt of the support element of Employment and Support Allowance


Data sharing

You will need to make a declaration on the housing application form to confirm that you understand that the information you have provided in the form is held by the London Borough of Bexley and will be shared with its Housing Association partners in the borough which include London & Quadrant, Orbit South and Peabody and confirm that you understand your personal data will be shared.

Any information disclosed will be limited to relevant information which is to be used solely to assist your housing application and this information will be held in the strictest confidence and your data will be kept securely and will be destroyed when no longer needed.

Medical details you give may be passed to other health professionals whose opinion is needed to assist your housing application.