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Local Lettings Plans

Local Lettings Plans

 Purpose of a local lettings plan

Local lettings schemes will be designated by the housing associations following detailed consultation with the Council and an assessment of the impact. Once agreed these schemes will have their own allocations criteria.

Local lettings schemes will be put in place for a specific area or estate and will be set up in response to particular local circumstances. They will include a clear commitment to equality of opportunity, the provision of clear and accurate information to applicants and an appeals mechanism.

The aim of local lettings schemes is to work towards more balance within local  communities to result in outcomes that reflect the wider community and address issues such as child density and the proportion of households in employment in any one area or estate.

If a property is advertised as being subject to a Local Lettings Plan details of that policy will be shown below for the duration of the advertising cycle.

Erith Park Phase 2 Local Lettings Plan

Please click here for a copy of the Erith Park Phase 2 Local Lettings Plan