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Bexley Homechoice

Who Can Use The Service

To be able to use Bexley HomeChoice you will need to be accepted and approved on the London Borough of Bexley's Housing Register.

To be accepted onto the Bexley Housing Register there are a number of eligibility criteria you will need to meet.

You may be excluded from the Housing Register if:

You are from abroad and subject to immigration control under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 unless you are an assured tenant of housing allocated by the Council or in a class prescribed as eligible in regulations made by the Secretary of State.

You are guilty of unacceptable behaviour such as:

  • Failing to pay the rent
  • Breaching a condition of your tenancy agreement
  • Causing nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • Assaulting a member of Bexley or Housing Association staff
  • Being convicted of an arrestable offence either in or in the vicinity of your home
  • Causing a property to deteriorate in condition by a deliberate act or by neglect
  • Making a false statement to obtain a tenancy

For further information about eligibility to join the Housing Register, please refer to the Bexley Allocations Scheme document in the Forms and Information section.  If you need further guidance on whether you are eligible to join the Housing  Register, please contact the Bexley Allocations Service using the information provided in the How To Contact Us section.

If you would like to apply to Bexley, please download the Housing Application Form from the Forms and Information section or use the Contact Form option above to request a paper copy of the form and this will be sent to you.

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