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Bexley Homechoice

Prioritising Applications

The London Borough of Bexley uses a banding system in order to prioritise applications for housing to make sure that homes are let to those in most housing need.

When your application has been received with supporting documents and assessed you will be told which band your application has been placed in. There are 4 bands with Band 1 as the highest priority and Band 4 as the lowest

The table below explains under what circumstances you might be placed in a particular band:


Category of Need





  • Under Occupiers


Social Housing tenants who are under occupying their property and wish to move to smaller accommodation

  • Overcrowded

Those who are statutorily overcrowded

  • Exceptional Cases


Those in life-threatening situations where there is an overriding priority on medical or social grounds. Very serious social needs cases supported by social services and requiring urgent assistance

  • Prohibition or Demolition Order


Those living in a property which  has had a notice served so that it can no longer be used




  • Homeless people making a Community Contribution or Homeless people in Emergency Accommodation

Applicants accepted for housing under the Housing Act 1996 who are making a Community Contribution or are in Emergency Accommodation

  • Medical

Those  who meet the Councils criteria on priority medical grounds.

  • Redevelopment & regeneration

Those who are required to move due to a regeneration scheme.


  • Overcrowded

Those who are overcrowded according to the bedroom standard.

  • Homeless people 

Those accepted for housing under the Housing Act 1996 and who are not in Emergency Accommodation or making a Community Contribution

  • Young People Leaving Care

Young People leaving care at the age of 18 or over


  • Applicants for Sheltered Housing

Those who are applying for sheltered housing who have no other priority need.

  • Community Contribution

Those who  are in employment, volunteering or vocational training and do not have any other priority

  • Armed Forces

Those who have left the armed forces in the past five years and other categories relating to service in the armed forces.

  • Transfer Tenants

Social Housing Tenants  in the borough who do not have any other priority

  •  Homeless People

 Homeless people who are intentionally homeless and homeless peopel not in priority need



If your circumstances change your band may change so please make sure you tell us of any changes as soon as possible (for example if someone joins or leaves your household). You can tell us by contacting us in any of the ways shown in the How To Contact Us section or by selecting the Contact Form option above.

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