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Bexley Homechoice

Rents and Tenancies

Rents and Tenancies

Notice about new rent charges for some properties advertised through Bexley HomeChoice

Previously all  properties  advertised through Bexley HomeChoice have been at ‘social rents.  These rents are less than half the full market rent in the private sector.  ‘Social rents have been lower than market rents because of the amount of government grant made available to social landlords to build properties.     

In future the grant to housing associations to build new homes will be much less.  Landlords will have to charge higher rents on some of their properties in order to qualify for the grant.  These homes will be advertised as ‘affordable rented homes.  They will not be charged at the market rent level but the costs will be more than for other social rented homes. 

So you will see some properties advertised  on the website at higher rents.  They will be shown on Bexley HomeChoice in the following way **AFFORDABLE RENT** .  You will be able to bid for them in exactly the same way as other properties.  Landlords may want to check that you have enough income to pay the higher rent, whether you are working or on benefits.

You may be offered the same type of tenancy as other housing association properties – an assured tenancy.  However, in the future properties may also be offered on a different tenancy type which is shorter than the current lifetime tenancy, although they can be renewed.

 Remember that the higher rent will only apply to some properties advertised by housing associations.   

 If you are currently a tenant of London & Quadrant, Orbit Housing Association  or a partner housing association, the changes will not affect the rent you are paying in your existing home.  However, if you bid for a property on the new rent levels, you may need to pay the amount shown in the advert.

 Please think about this when you bid for a home, and make sure you can afford the home that you choose.


Housing Benefit

If you wish to enquire about your entitlement to housing benefit you can use the link below for details of how to do this. Click here to access the link.


If you currently are in receipt of housing benefit and are moving to another rented property and the tenancies will over lap then you may be entitled to  claim housing benefit on two homes, this also known as Overlapping Benefit.

Housing Benefit may be granted on both a former home and a new home if there is reasonable, unavoidable dual liability. The rules set by the Department of Work and Pensions concerning these awards are specific. It is recommended that if you feel that this may apply to you that you contact the Benefits Office immediately to enquire about your entitlement. For contact details please use the above link.



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