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Bexley Homechoice

Accessible Housing

The London Borough of Bexley works closely with Housing Associations in the Borough to make suitable adaptations to some homes when these are required.  Adaptations will generally be required when a member of the household has mobility needs, for example they are a wheelchair user or cannot manage to climb stairs.

Bexley HomeChoice will advertise homes that have adaptations or are suitable for adaptations in order to ensure that people needing adapted homes have as much choice as possible about where they might like to live.

Some adaptations may mean that a home is only suitable for certain people. For example a home with no stairs and wide doors may best suit a full time wheelchair user, whereas a home with a stair lift might best suit someone who uses a walking aid but can manage a small number of stairs.

In order to ensure that accessible homes are let to the people who most need them, Bexley HomeChoice will use categories to identify the needs of those people who require a home with adaptations and as a guide to how accessible a property is likely to be.

The categories used by Bexley HomeChoice are in line with the categories described by the London Accessible Housing Register (LAHR). The LAHR has been developed to help make better use of accessible homes and to enhance the choice of homes for people with mobility needs.  Whilst the categories used by Bexley HomeChoice are not currently identical to those set out in the LAHR, Bexley HomeChoice will use the good practice guidance developed by the LAHR.

Assessment of Mobility Need

Bexley Allocations Service will assess a households mobility need and will advise qualifying applicants of their mobility category in writing. An initial application may be given a housing need banding before a full mobility assessment to enable bidding for homes while mobility need is assessed. 

Mobility Categories

People with mobility needs can have very different requirements for adaptations to a home.  As a guide to help people make informed choices about bidding for suitable homes, Bexley HomeChoice will use categories as shown below.  The categories will identify the mobility needs of those using Bexley HomeChoice and show the types of adaptations in homes:

Bexley HomeChoice Mobility Category  Description of Person Category   Example of Adaptations (Not exhaustive)
Level of adaptation for disabilities - Mobility A
Mobility A
The household has a member with significant mobility needs and who uses a wheelchair indoors and outdoors at all times
  • Level access
  • No stairs
  • Property adapted to a wheelchair standard
  • Level platform at main entrance
  • No changes in level throughout (inside and outside), or adapted to include lift/ramp access
Level of adaptation for disabilities - Mobility B
Mobility B
The household has a member with mobility needs who mainly uses a wheelchair outside and cannot manage steps or steep gradients
  • With level access throughout (inside and outside), or adapted to include lift/ramp access
  • Wide Main/Communal door/s
  • Bathroom containing toilet, basin and accessible bath/shower
Level of adaptation for disabilities - Mobility C
Mobility C
The household has a member with some mobility needs who is able to manage up to four steps to access the home
  • On the ground floor with up to 2 steps access
  • Pathway/driveway/ramp from pavement level or parking space, no steep gradients
  • Bathroom suitable size to be adapted


Advertising Adapted Homes

Homes that have adaptations or are suitable for adaptations will be advertised through Bexley HomeChoice and the mobility category showing who the home is suitable for will be displayed in the property advert. 

Bidding for some homes may be restricted to those with mobility needs or be advertised so that priority is given to those needing an adapted home above those in the same band who do not need any adaptations.

In these cases, the property advert will show who is able to bid and the order they will be considered. 

In exceptional circumstances, some homes with very specific adaptations that may only be suitable for a very small number of people with specific mobility needs may not be advertised on Bexley HomeChoice. The letting of these homes will still be included on the Recent Lets information on Bexley HomeChoice.

New Build Adapted Homes

In 2012 the South East London Housing Partnership (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark) updated its guidelines to make sure that new homes for wheelchair users are built to high standards, are comfortable and easy to use, and need very little further adaptation. This leaflet  explains what features you can expect to find in new homes that meet these guidelines.

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